"The course [Intro to Preservation] was broken up into very easy to understand parts. It was very helpful especially for someone just starting to work with a collection that previously did not get much attention, like myself."

- Loree Jackson, Librarian Senior, Special Collections, Broward County Libraries, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Coming from a museum studies background, this course [Intro to Archives] was exactly what I needed to gain a deeper understanding of archives and its processes. The course was taught in a way that I could easily make connections with how I understand museum practices and methods. I have greatly benefited from course and look forward to applying what I have learned into practice."

- Sigrid Degner, Recent Graduate, Milwaukee, WI

"I would recommend this course [Intro to Rare Books] to anyone who has little to no knowledge or training in rare books. It’s a good introductory course. I gained better knowledge of what constitutes a rare book. I also gained a better understanding of the structure of older books."

- Peggy Dillard, Special Collections Manager, Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Texas